Warmest Winter Jacket

Freeze Defense coats keep you from freezing

Both the coat and vest are fully insulated to keep you warm in the cold.

Freeze Defense is a fully-insulated winter outerwear solution. Both the coat and the vest are insulated, each ready separately to keep you warm. And ready to provide maximum protection and warmth on those days you zip the vest into the coat to add extra warmth when you need it.

Keeps You Warm

  • Insulated with 100% Polyester Padding, Freeze Defense is ready to provide warmth when you need it.
  • Both the coat and vest are insulated. Unlike other brands where one of the layers lacks insulation properties.
  • Warmth can be adjusted depending on the weather. Zip the vest into the coat on cold days you want an extra layer.
  • Remove the vest from the coat on days you don't need extra warmth available.
  • Will keep you warm as your everyday winter coat and also when doing outdoor sporting activities such as hiking, snowboarding, ice fishing, etc.

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