Freeze Defense Versatile 3in1 System Jacket

Freeze Defense is a 3in1 Winter Coat System

Freeze Defense is extremely versatile. It's made up of a winter coat and vest that can be worn with or without the coat. When it's cooler outside, such as in fall, use the Freeze Defense vest. If it's moderately cold outside, say 40 degrees, wear just the Freeze Defense coat. On a cold winter day, take the vest and zip it into the Freeze Defense coat. Now, you have yourself a warm 3in1 winter coat system ready to protect you against the cold and elements.

Versatility Makes Freeze Defense Useful

  • Freeze Defense is a insulated winter coat along with a separate, fully insulated vest.
  • Wear the vest on a cool fall day.
  • Wear the coat, without the vest zipped inside, on a chilly winter day when you don't need extra warmth.
  • Zip the vest into the coat on a cold winter day when you want to have an extra layer of warmth.
  • Utilize all the features of both the coat and vest. From its multiple pockets, hood, adjustable waist, etc.
  • Know that you will be warm and defended against the elements wearing Freeze Defense no matter what the weather is like.

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