Men's Ski & Snowboarding Jacket

Winter is here, and the ski resorts have fresh powder. It's time to head out to the slopes and have fun skiing, snowboarding, and hanging out at the lodge.

The only issue is you need a warm enough coat that will keep you warm and protected while having fun in the snow. Our Men's 3in1 Winter Coat is perfect for the skier, snowboarder, or anyone who wants to have fun outside. It's a winter coat with removable vest, so you can adjust the level of warmth you need.

Stay warm, dry, and protected while you have fun with your winter sports activities.



The 3in1 coat is available in several colors: Blue, Gray, Red, and Yellow. Pick your favorite color, or play it safe and go with neutral gray.

We have your new winter coat for both on and off the slopes!

The Coat

The coat is just one part of our Men's 3in1 Winter Coat. It is loaded with features, lots of pockets, and is ready to keep you warm and protected.

Hover or tap on the stars on the coat to learn about all of the features it offers.

The Vest

The vest can be worn separately from the coat, or zipped into the coat for maximum warmth and protection from the cold and elements, such as snow or rain.

When you're hanging out at the ski lodge, maybe you just need to wear the vest. But the forecast calls for snow. Before heading back to the slopes, zip the vest back into your coat for maximum protection and warmth.

The vest has lots of features to keep you warm and dry. Hover or tap on the stars on the vest below to learn about all of the features we packed into our vest.

Sizes & Colors

All of Freeze Defense's coats are available in sizes Small through 8XL. Whether you're a regular sized guy, or big and tall, we have your coat!

Our 3in1 Winter Coat is available in Blue, Gray, Red, and Yellow.


Our 3in1 winter coat is $119.99, with free shipping to the continental US. Even if you're a size 8XL, the price is the same.

We believe in creating warm, durable, functional, and most importantly: affordable winter coats.

No matter your size, we are confident you will enjoy owning a Freeze Defense Men's 3in1 Winter Coat with matching vest. Have fun on the slopes!

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