Freeze Defense 3-in-1 Cold Storage Warehouse Freezer Jacket

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Check out our video. You'll learn about all the features in our 3-in-1 cold storage freezer jacket. You have a job to do while working in cold storage. Freezer warehouses can be quite cold, and you need a jacket that can keep you warm so you stay productive at work. Check out our video to see how you'll be warm in our jacket.

A 3-in-1 Freezer Jacket In Your Size

Our 3-in-1 jacket system will defend you from the cold temperatures endured while working in a cold storage freezer. No matter what your job is, Freeze Defense will keep you warm while you excel at what you do. Stop worrying about getting cold. Our jackets are available in sizes Small through 6-XL, and are available in blue, gray, or red.

Freeze Defense Coats in Blue and Red

  • Available in Blue, Gray, & Red
  • Sizes Small through 6-XL
  • Starting at $118.99

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Freeze Defense Coat: Feature Overview

Freeze Defense is fully loaded with features that are useful no matter what you do outdoors. The coat is ready to protect you in the winter.
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Freeze Defense Vest: Feature Overview

Freeze Defense comes with a matching vest that can be worn separately or zipped into the coat for maximum winter protection.
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A 3-in-1 Freezer Jacket For Winter Too

Freeze Defense is more than just a jacket to use while you work in cold storage. It is also your main winter coat. Outside of the workplace, during the winter, Freeze Defense will keep you warm and dry all winter long. Mother Nature can be unforgiving with snowstorms and polar vortex temperatures. However, Freeze Defense is ready to go to battle for you! Don't settle for a cold freezer jacket that just doesn't work. Be warm in our versatile 3-in-1 Freeze Defense coat.
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