Freeze Defense Mens Snorkel Parka Winter Coat

Features Pile Faux Fur Hood & Magnetic Closures.
  • $99.99

(4.52) 23 Reviews
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  • Heavyweight mens winter parka featuring a soft pile-lined faux fur trimmed snorkel hood. Survival orange inner lining. Keeps you warm and dry in regular winter weather, and in extreme frigid negative subzero arctic temperatures.
  • Snorkel hood extends to protect your face from harsh winds and snow.
  • Water & wind resistant shell on the jacket protects against severe weather and freezing cold. Wind resistance is like a windbreaker. Water resistance offers storm protection from rain, sleet, snow. Coat is filled for warmth with polyester padding insulation.
  • 2 upper handwarmer pockets, 2 lower pockets, and a deep inside chest pocket, all featuring magnetic closures. Zippered pencil pocket on sleeve.
  • Sleeves have inner elastic wrist storm cuffs to keep cold air out. Waist drawstrings ensure a snug & comfortable fit.
  • Double zipper enables you to unzip the coat from the bottom when sitting.
  • Mens snorkel winter coat good for casual everyday wear, outdoor work, and activities: skiing, snowmobiling, snowboarding, camping, hiking, hunting, below zero ice fishing, mountain climbing.
  • Available in Black, sizes Small through 8XL.
  • Comes with the Freeze Defense Promise.

Freeze Defense Mens Snorkel Parka w/ Orange Lining

A Heavyweight Men's Winter Parka

Featuring water & wind resistant shell material. No wind, snow, rain, sleet, or any other precipitation will get into the parka.

Inside, classic "survival orange" inner lining. Parka fully insulated with 12oz polyester padding for maximum winter warmth.

Freeze Defense Mens Snorkel Winter Coat Hood

Snorkel Hood for Ultimate Winter Protection

Snorkel hood fully extends to protect your face during cold, harsh, winds and snow.

Hood is lined in soft white pile lining for a comfortable feel. Faux fur trim around the hood completes the look. Freeze Defense is a warm parka.

Freeze Defense Mens Snorkel Jacket Functional Pockets with Magnetic Closures

Functional Pockets w/ Magnetic Closures

Modern feature that makes our parka's pockets easier to use.

  • All pockets feature magnetic closures, making them easy to access and use.
  • Two upper, deep, handwarmer pockets.
  • Two lower pockets.
  • Inside chest pocket, deep enough to store a phone or wallet.
  • Zippered pencil pocket on the sleeve of the parka.

Freeze Defense Mens Snorkel Parka Double Metal Zipper

Double Zipper

The Freeze Defense Snorkel Parka features a double zipper. The winter parka can be unzipped from the bottom when sitting down, to ensure a comfortable fit.

Double zippers are slightly different to use versus a traditional zipper. Watch our video for how to zip up quickly and efficiently each time you wear the parka.

Freeze Defense Mens Warm Snorkel Winter Jacket

Elastic Cuffs & Waist Drawstrings

Just inside the sleeve is a wrist cuff with elastic rib knit material. This will lock in warmth, and prevent cold air from going up the sleeves.

The waist of the parka has adjustable drawstrings to ensure a snug, yet comfortable, fit. Prevents cold air from coming up underneath the jacket.

Freeze Defense Mens Warm Snorkel Winter Jacket

The Freeze Defense Men's Snorkel Parka - Classic, yet Modern

No matter what you're doing outside, our mens winter coat will keep you warm and dry. From being fully insulated, to the snorkel hood, arctic subzero cold has no chance when facing our parka.

A modern take on a classic, featuring magnetic pocket closures and a magnetic closure storm flap.

Available in sizes Small through 8XL, in Black.

The Freeze Defense Men's Snorkel Parka Winter Coat provides a great value on a warm, durable, and functional piece of outerwear to use all season long.

Coat Specifications


100% Nylon (PU Coated)


100% Polyester


100% Polyester Padding

Water/Wind Protection:

The shell is PU-coated to be water and wind resistant against the weather.


Snorkel hood featuring soft white pile lining and faux fur trim. Hood fully extends to cover the face and protect from harsh winds and snow.


2 upper handwarmer pockets, 2 lower pockets, deep inside chest pocket, all featuring magnetic closures. Sleeve has a zippered pencil pocket.

Elastic Wrist Cuffs:

The inside of the sleeves feature elastic wrist cuffs to lock in warmth.


Drawstrings to ensure a snug, yet comfortable, fit to maximize warmth and protection.

Storm Flap:

The storm flap is secured via magnetic closure, as well as traditional buttons, to protect against wind and precipitation from getting into the coat.

Care Directions

The Freeze Defense Mens Snorkel Parka is machine washable. It can be washed in cold water on gentle cycle with like-colors. It should not be bleached. It should not be dry cleaned. It should be line dried only. It should not be ironed.

Size Chart

Use the below size chart to find your height and weight. If your height and weight match to a green shaded size, this means we are confident that this size will fit you best.

If in doubt about which size you should purchase, please contact us, and we will be more than happy to help you.

Freeze Defense Mens Snorkel Parka Size Chart

Customer Reviews

Hate the cold but not the parka

on September 22, 2023

Size: 4XL Color: Black

Thanks for the customer care and thanks for a good winter coat. Hate the cold but it's bearable wearing this jacket.

You won't be cold

on September 7, 2023

Size: 6XL Color: Black

You won't be cold in this.. Wore it in subzero and didn't feel a thing. That hood is amazing and deep fully zipped up.

Really really warm

on August 26, 2023

Size: Extra Large Color: Black

Really warm. The lining is so bright, and the hood is really soft. Love this new coat.

Big guy coat

on August 25, 2023

Size: 8XL Color: Black

Big guys can't find warm coats. Finally found one that wasn't like $300 in my size. Fits good and is warm as heck.

Vintage style

on August 11, 2023

Size: 2XL Color: Black

Overall great vintage style parka. It's vintage but modern too.. I wear it all winter as my main jacket and haven't been disappointed.

Love these Freeze Defense coats

on July 11, 2023

Size: Medium Color: Black

I bought this parka and the 3in1 they have too. Both are amazing coats and both are super warm. They know what they're doing over at the FreezeDefense

Wore it all the time

on March 21, 2023

Size: Large Color: Black

Got the coat back in January.. Wore it all the time to head outside in the snow and cold. Kept me warm. The hood is soft inside and really cool. Love the colors of the hood and orange lining.

5XL coat choices

on March 18, 2023

Size: 5XL Color: Black

My last coat sucked. I wear a 5XL and the choices out there are bad. Came across this Freeze Defense brand and can't believe how the big sizes are a good price. Definitely keeping them in mind for future coats.

Maybe no double zipper

on March 10, 2023

Size: 4XL Color: Black

Quality is top-notch. Only suggestion is not to use the double zipper, it's a little hard to work. I finally got used to the zipper. I asked them about it, and they said next time they're produced they will use a single zipper. Might buy another one when they change it.

Zipper a little rough

on February 12, 2023

Size: 3XL Color: Black

Zipper was a little rough to get going. They put a instruction card in the box to show you how to work it. Giving it 4 stars because of that.

Tons of pockets

on January 19, 2023

Size: 2XL Color: Black

Tons of pockets, love the chest ones. Theres even a pocket inside too. Has a good amount of stuffing to keep you warm too.

Old school style

on January 16, 2023

Size: Extra Large Color: Black

Old school style but made for today.. Really liking the magnetic pockets.

Rough midwest winters

on January 13, 2023

Size: 3XL Color: Black

Winters are rough in the midwest so I wanted something to keep me warm. This coat does it and the hood keeps all the snow away from my face and the wind too.

South Park!

on September 18, 2022

Size: 3XL Color: Black

You Killed Kenny!!! Wonderful parka. Soft fur inside the hood feels nice. Warm coat for sure.

Good price and very warm

on September 15, 2022

Size: Large Color: Black

Good price. Great quality. Feels very warm, can't wait to try it this winter.

Great coat and quality

on September 11, 2022

Size: 4XL Color: Black

Great coat, great quality. I've had a lot of parkas in my life and this is just as good as any more expensive name brand. Affordable.

Large guy parka

on August 16, 2022

Size: 6XL Color: Black

Wow, finally a parka for a large guy. I have room for my belly and fits great. Hard to find a nice coat for a big and tall guy. Wonderful product. Highly recommend.

Better than those expensive ones

on August 8, 2022

Size: 5XL Color: Black

Better parka than another more expensive brand I bought a couple years ago. And I love that they come in big sizes. Being a bigger guy, parkas today fit too tight. These are sized for us big guys. Good job Freeze Defense.

Love the hood!!

on June 26, 2022

Size: Extra Large Color: Black

Love the hood!!!! Come on winter, take your best shot.

Zipper took a couple of tries

on June 12, 2022

Size: 2XL Color: Black

The zipper took a couple tries to figure out how to zip it, but once I got it, it's easy. Love the hood. It is warm and snuggly. Very warm and keeps me warm in the cold wind. Good price too.

Reminded me of a parka as a kid

on May 19, 2022

Size: 3XL Color: Black

Bought this because it reminded me of the parka I had as a kid. Nice product. Worth the money and well made. Never a fan of a two way zipper, but it does come in handy if you want to sit down while wearing it. I love this coat.

Found this gem

on April 19, 2022

Size: 3XL Color: Black

I was looking for a parka style coat and found this gem. The price was reasonable and the quality is excellent. I was happy spending less for a quality coat rather than spending a lot more for a famous brand. I would recommend this to someone else.

Great parka

on March 2, 2022

Size: Small Color: Black

Great parka. Worth the money. 4 stars